A.I. & Precision Analytics

Day Zero

A.I. & Precision Analytics

In this episode, host Rick Lemoine, Chief Medical Information Officer, Sharp HealthCare, speaks with Elliott Green, CEO and Co-founder, Dandelion Health, about the prospect of aggregating large sets of data…
July 11, 2023

A.I. & Precision Analytics

Meet Elliott Green

Elliott Green is CEO and Co-founder of Dandelion Health AI. Experienced in healthcare, technology and finance, Elliott has demonstrated an ability to develop and implement complex business strategy—in particular, for international expansion and revenue growth.

Key Insights:

Elliott Green co-founded Dandelion Health to make data more accessible and innovation easier.

Follow the money. If you work out the alignment of incentives, you can often get to the answer that’s going to take you to the right place. 

Why A.I.?. Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to take an incredible amount of information and produce relatively simple outputs. This is a perfect fit for the healthcare industry.

Change from within. Dandelion is partnering with hospital systems to produce one of the largest scalable data sets available to innovators. 


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