Getting Explicit with Katie Duke, Pt 2

The WoMed

Getting Explicit with Katie Duke, Pt 2

Today, D and Dani continue their empowering conversation with Katie Duke, discussing how past experiences affect the way we move forward and see the world, how best to deal with…
September 9, 2019

Getting Explicit with Katie Duke, Pt 2

Katie Duke (@thekatieduke) is back for round two today, because one episode of Katie is simply not enough. Katie discusses how working as an ER Nurse in New York has impacted the woman she is today and given her the confidence to move forward in life. While New York can be a crazy place to live, Katie reveals why it is all worth it in the end. The WoMed talk about how leaving their hometowns may have saved their lives, how seeing yourself represented in the media can affect your confidence and capabilities, and how working on yourself is a lifelong endeavor. The women admit some of their dirty, little secrets that they probably thought they would never expose.

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