Back to Life with Leilani Graham

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Back to Life with Leilani Graham

Survivor and heart transplant recipient Leilani Graham shares her incredible story of navigating life through cardiac arrests and open-heart surgeries. She is now using her experience to advocate for patients…
August 19, 2019

Back to Life with Leilani Graham

On today’s episode of The WoMed, the two Danielles speak with Leilani Graham (@leilanirgraham) about her powerful journey as a four-time cardiac arrest and open-heart surgery survivor and heart transplant recipient. At the age of just thirteen, Leilani discovered her heart wasn’t like those around her – she would have to fight to survive through countless challenges, and this journey would be lifelong. Leilani and The WoMed discuss the best ways to advocate for yourself as a patient, how to improve the future of healthcare in general, and what spirituality and purpose look like for someone who has been brought back to life several times. Leilani’s Nurse D Energy moment is a powerful one, as is her new career path that allows her to help others in similar positions.

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