#17 Platforms in Healthcare – Part 1

The Redox Podcast

#17 Platforms in Healthcare – Part 1

May 15, 2020

#17 Platforms in Healthcare – Part 1

Redox is an example of a platform business model in healthcare. We connect healthcare organizations and software vendors with reusable technology, thus creating a scalable network of data exchange. In addition to Redox, there are a number of other really innovative companies using platform business models to solve major challenges in healthcare. The opportunities to make a positive difference in how healthcare is delivered are exciting, but the challenges are numerous. So a number of us decided to get together to share experiences and ideas. Our guests for this two-part program include:

Anurati Mathur, CEO of Sempre Health

Carlo Perez, CEO of Swift Medical

Dr. Mitesh Rao, CEO of OMNY Health

Niko Skievaski, President of Redox

And I was pleased to have Seth Joseph, managing director of Summit Health, join us as moderator.  Previously, Seth was head of corporate strategy for Surescripts, one of the few nationally scaled multi-sided platform businesses in healthcare. Surescripts is now processing 19 billion clinical transactions a year.  In the first episode, we examine multi-sided platforms, networks, and their business models. Some of the highlights from Part 1 include:

03:00 – Niko and Seth provide background on platform businesses

06:50 – The Surescripts experience

13:35 – How OMNY creates value for users

16:08 – Sempre Health’s approach

18:58 – Which side of the market should be charged?

23:49 – Anurati discusses incentive alignment

28:15 – Swift’s rigorous credentialing process

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