Sarah Cook, LSSGB Performance Engineer

The Healthcare QualityCast

Sarah Cook, LSSGB Performance Engineer

August 11, 2020

Sarah Cook, LSSGB Performance Engineer

Here in Episode #78 Sarah starts our show with a Deming classic, reminding us that a bad process will always beat a good person; Sarah takes us through her career journey moving from the lab and into her current quality improvement role; and gives us an impromptu podcast tour of South Dakota; Sarah shares a moment of failure connected with her earliest improvement project; She walks us through her best practice approaches for building trust on her project teams; She tells what her most value-added tactic is for going to where the work is; Sarah shares her AHA moment connected with determining the cost of quality in healthcare; Provides her vision around getting executive leaders more involved with quality improvement initiatives; And the successes that she’s had with reaching out and connecting with past guests of the show as a way of adding to her personal and professional development.

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