Jonathan McLean, BA Healthcare Employee Retention Consultant

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Jonathan McLean, BA Healthcare Employee Retention Consultant

November 3, 2020

Jonathan McLean, BA Healthcare Employee Retention Consultant

Jonathan Mclean is an accomplished Healthcare Employee Retention Consultant and a serial entrepreneur. Jonathan has worked in Healthcare Recruitment for 5+ years and has billed over three million dollars in net sales.

Jonathan has an extensive background in partnering with healthcare teams, developing organizations, and hiring talent. He is experienced with sales and retention and understands how to build revenue while retaining great employees. Jonathan is a strategic and innovative thinker that can accomplish results in half the time without sacrificing any due diligence.

Three words that describe Jonathan are Focus, Determined, and Relentless.

Jonathan has earned his Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration (HA); Earned a certificate in Business from Harvard Business School. Jonathan is currently continuing his education at Nova Southern University, Earning his Masters in Human Resources Management (HRM).

Here in Episode #90, Jonathan starts our show with a leadership mindset around keeping the faith; Jonathan lays out the framework of his career path centered on the “3R’s”; he gives us a great focus on why employees should be the single most important focus of any organization; Jonathan teaches why healthcare teams must keep the hiring process short and sweet; he shares why we must cash out for great talent; Jonathan highlights the value of using assessment tools when hiring; Jonathan gives several insightful tips for developing yourself during the COVID disruption; he lays out a plan for attacking the first 90-days in a new role; Jonathan provides a list great dos and don’ts for updating your resume; Jonathan drops knowledge on how to be best prepared for your next interview; We talk about strategies to beat the recruitment robots; Jonathan teaches us why asking great questions is key asset; and we basically toss out the script in order to maximize the value that Jonathan’s bringing to our show today.

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