Joe Krause, Vice President Customer Engagement

The Healthcare QualityCast

Joe Krause, Vice President Customer Engagement

December 17, 2019

Joe Krause, Vice President Customer Engagement

Here in episode #46, Joe shares with us his career path leading from pharmaceutical sales and into the world of start-ups, with a keen focus around strategy execution; Joe highlights 3 key themes from his expertise in strategy that we as healthcare leaders should have on our radar…and then adds more value by giving us actionable tips for moving forward; Joe pulls me off my high-horse and provides an exceptional definition and value proposition around the need for organizational strategy; He shares his career success and failures connected directly with his startup and entrepreneurial path; I absolutely love the “HOW” and “Why” framework that Joe uses as a practical approach to getting momentum going with clients; We set a call to action for healthcare leaders and quality people alike to formally learn the strategic planning processes within your organization; Joe discusses strategic agility and again calls out the value that this concept brings to organizations; And outlines his top strategy challenges and opportunities for healthcare leaders to aware of.

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