Jarod Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer

The Healthcare QualityCast

Jarod Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer

April 7, 2020

Jarod Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer

Here in Episode #62, Jared starts our show with a quote from the Great Dr. Deming reminding us to come prepared with our data; Jared walks us through his impressive background as a software programmer, entrepreneur, and population Health analytics expert; And shares the BHAG that got him plugged in with serving the healthcare industry; Jared gives us the three top critical Concepts quality and Healthcare professionals should have on their radar as it connects with population Health Analytics; Jared shares his biggest professional success that is connected with taking calculated risks; Jared also shares his biggest moment of failure and connects it with finding the perfect career & Professional fit; Jared provides us with an exceptional overview of the power of prototyping and creating an MVP has ways to push our ideas forward; Jared highlights his greatest moment of customer service and success; Highlights and Jared highlights one of the biggest barriers for healthcare leaders today.

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