How to Create an Immersive Learning Experience with Sharon Sloane, CEO

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How to Create an Immersive Learning Experience with Sharon Sloane, CEO

December 21, 2021

How to Create an Immersive Learning Experience with Sharon Sloane, CEO

Meet today’s guest, Sharon Sloane, President CEO of Will Interactive, a software service delivering knowledge worldwide through technology. With a background in Education training and mental health, the goal of Sharon’s company was to answer the question “what does it take to positively influence behavior?”

In this episode, I talk with Sharon as she expounds on the problem of culture within the healthcare industry, and how this impacts professionals and patients, as well as the role of training in addressing these issues.

Top Takeaways

[05:46] There is a problem with the culture in healthcare ranging from diversity and equity to rampant burnout among healthcare professionals. 

[09:07] Leaders need to understand that whatever training is recommended for healthcare professionals who now have to deal with several symptoms, must be engaging and worthwhile. 

[13:51] Lessons from experience: A huge success Sharon recalls was creating the program “Beyond the Front” to combat the high rate of suicides at the time, which resulted in a 60% reduction in suicides. 

[19:58] Sharon’s work technique: Listen; if you listen you can learn things that are implied and people will share things with you if they feel safe. 

[22:00] Challenges and Opportunities in healthcare: The upheaval caused by the pandemic is a huge challenge but at the same time invites innovation that needs to happen at a rapid pace. 

[26:30] Sharon is inspired by her deep commitment towards her client and staff, especially from the ideas they develop.

[28:00] Best career advice: “No one ever achieved success alone” Find bright people and mentors and engage with them.

[29:38] A professional society recommendation: The Association for Talent Development, Becker’s Hospital Review. 

[33:00] Leaders need to evaluate a training before recommending it to healthcare workers, to know how valuable and engaging it would be. Training should be an investment, not a cost. 

[34:50] Listeners are encouraged to visit the Will Interactive Website, get a free 20-minute call, or a free demo.

[36:37] Achieving an impact on the organizational culture in healthcare, alongside leading organizations would be something to celebrate.

Key Quotes:

“It is not easy to be a pioneer, but oh it is fascinating”

“61% of physicians are reporting burnout”

“We need to look for small wins”

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you have to find a new room”

“Be real, be who you are because you do a lousy job at being anyone else”

“It’s not about forcing someone to do x,y, or z; it’s about leaving them to the conclusion that it’s in their best interest to do a,b, and c.”


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