Amy Bedingfield Vice President of Population Health Solutions

The Healthcare QualityCast

Amy Bedingfield Vice President of Population Health Solutions

February 18, 2020

Amy Bedingfield Vice President of Population Health Solutions

Here in episode #55, Amy starts our show with great leadership quotes to first be the change, but to also question everything; Amy shares with us her career path and how she navigated from frontline nursing and into the fields of technology, data analytics, population health, and executive leadership; Amy sets a great foundation for us as quality people as she digs into all of the buzzwords connected with population health and value-based care; She shares a dark moment story connected to a project that achieved significant improvements but that wasn’t well liked by her team; Amy connects the dots for us in using innovation and vulnerability as an approach for building intimate connections with her teams; Amy highlights how the power of whiteboarding sessions can drive innovation with healthcare teams; Amy shares an aha moment connected with how her community-based work helped her to see healthcare from a totally different point of view; Amy shares how patient stories continue to inspire her in the work that she does; And rounds us off by sharing how the power of reflection allows her to be her most productive self.

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