Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices – Garrett Smith – 063

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Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices – Garrett Smith – 063

Even the best doctors in the world can have their patients stolen away by savvy online marketing. Practices are doing their patients a disservice by not doing everything they can…
July 8, 2018

Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices – Garrett Smith – 063

Even the best doctors in the world can have their patients stolen away by savvy online marketing. Practices are doing their patients a disservice by not doing everything they can to prevent that from happening. In this episode, I sit down with Garrett Smith, CEO of InboundMD and author of Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices, to discuss how everyone from large practices to solo docs can improve their online marketing. Garrett lays out an easy-to-use checklist to rev your marketing engine from 0-60 in as little as 1 hour a week. Get ready to take notes. Your future patients will be glad you did.

1:00 How InboundMD provides an all in 1 marketing solution for healthcare practices.

3:27 Even if your patients search specifically for you, they’re going to see other docs right next to you. You STILL have to stand out. Two scenarios…

8:23 The patient decision-making process is not happening on your page. There are lots of online nooks and crannies. You must have a large internet presence.

10:11 If I have nothing, where do I start? How much of a difference does an online presence make?

12:50 Many docs don’t have a positive view of sales and marketing but if you’re the best option then the marketing that you do is helping your patients not fall victim to substandard care.

15:10 The Must Have List

18:27 If you’re not accepting new patients, does this still apply to me? Yes!

21:20 Signing up for new marketing services is not a 90 day sprint.

23:25 The provider who is planning on selling their practice, what should they do?

28:50 What size practices and what kinds of doctors should be marketing?

31:30 Where can practice manager go to get 360 view of internet marketing for their practice? This is the accessible and comprehensive guide. Get informed!

34:06 Doctors are overwhelmed, how can they maximize their time? Don’t go into it blind.

37:48 Start with personnel. Who is going to own the marketing in the practice? Second, what patients do you want to come into the practice?

42:47 A World-class Healthcare Website

44:40 Search Engine Optimization

47:33 Ratings and reviews will always benefit you.

49:14 The rundown and recap of low hanging fruit you must address for a good foundation.

53:40 Every provider is a subject matter expert. Enlist a guide to help you become a writer.

55:20 Mistakes are expensive. You need to know what to look for when hiring a marketing vendor.

About Garrett Smith

Garrett Smith is an author, entrepreneur, and marketer. He is the Founder of InboundMD, a digital marketing service for healthcare practices that allows them to acquire patients, protect their practice’s professional reputation, and engage patients with social content campaigns, all without having to be a marketing expert. Over the past decade, Garrett has successfully directed the internet marketing efforts for independent health practices, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies across the US helping them to increase new patients, bolster their reputation, and establish themselves as leaders in their field. Follow him on Twitter @garrettsmith and @inboundmd.

About InboundMD

InboundMD is an all-in-one marketing solution for private healthcare practices. InboundMD automates internet marketing for providers with an innovative software platform and creative services that allow healthcare practices to acquire desired patient cases, centrally manage their professional reputation and engage with patients through social content campaigns without having to be a marketing expert. For more information about InboundMD, please visit

About Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices

The internet has changed the patient-doctor landscape forever. Searching for health-related information is currently the third most popular online activity, and more than half of adults in the United States use the internet as their first source for answers to their medical questions. Patients have access to more data, more statistics, more tools…and more choices than ever before.

Bombarded with information (or worse, misinformation) and overwhelmed with options, standing out to patients requires the modern medical practitioner to break free from the old way of thinking that said, “Practice great medicine and the business will take care of itself.” To thrive in the age of the internet, you must practice both great medicine and great marketing.

In Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices, Garrett Smith gives you a step-by-step roadmap to practicing great marketing and getting the most out of your online presence. After reading, you will know:

  • How to turn your practice website into patient appointment generating machine
  • How to ensure your practice has great visibility for related healthcare searches on Google
  • How to clean up your medical listings and inconsistent practice data on internet directories and maps
  • How to create a prolific online reputation, drive positive patient reviews, and respond to negatives
  • How to improve patient engagement through blogging and social media

“Few can bring the experience and insights into internet marketing that Garrett does. With patients heading online to find care now more than ever, he shows you exactly how to take advantage of the opportunities available to grow your personal brand, and practice, online.” – Dr. Michael A. Gott, Orthopedic Surgeon, Westchester Sport and Spine

“This is the definitive guide to internet marketing that health care marketers have been seeking for years. Garrett has saved you the trouble of Googling each topic one at a time; everything is here for you!” – Jared Johnson, Keynote Speaker, Manager of Marketing Technology, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

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Buy the book on Amazon at Book Now! Internet Marketing for Healthcare Practices

Visit the book website at

Get the help you need for your practice at InboundMD or call at 800-818-7199

Follow Garrett on Twitter @garrettsmith

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