When Lessons From Children Make Navigating Healthcare Suck Less

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

When Lessons From Children Make Navigating Healthcare Suck Less

October 27, 2020

When Lessons From Children Make Navigating Healthcare Suck Less

On the show today, another take on the big question “Can Science Speak Person” with the incredible Bridget Chapital, Founder and Director of — and I just LOVE this name — Hypothesis Haven Science Club. Just saying that makes me feel smarter. Hypothesis Haven reminds me of the “What If” machine for any of my fellow Futurama fans. HHSC, as it is known in short because #acronyms, is a next-gen educational program for kids 5-13 that — as extramural study filling in the gaps that most STEM programs lack — inspires more critical thinking in our youth. Something I think we need a little more of in our adults these days any. BUT I DIGRESS. Seeing as how the odds are definitely stacked against the average patient in being able to navigate the process, Bridget’s background in health science and clinical research make her the perfect person to take the lessons we learn from children and apply them to startup culture and the healthcare system writ large — answering the age of question that I started with at the top of the segment — Science CAN speak PERSON when done right. Are you smarter than a 5th grader? Let’s find out. Learn more at (Referred article: Majority of kids who die of coronavirus are Hispanic, Black, or Native American, CDC finds“)

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