The Cancer Mavericks EP6: Cancer Mavericks Goes To Hollywood

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

The Cancer Mavericks EP6: Cancer Mavericks Goes To Hollywood

November 16, 2021

The Cancer Mavericks EP6: Cancer Mavericks Goes To Hollywood

For decades, the portrayal of cancer in movies and television was grim. If a character was diagnosed with cancer, it was a near certainty they’d be dead by the credits. But, like cancer treatment itself, Hollywood evolved, and many storylines about cancer became stories of survival. In this episode, we ask the question, “Who influences us and why?” From musicians to television stars, film producers to televised cancer screenings, when celebrities lend their voices to raising awareness and fundraising, that kind of star power can move mountains. Join us as we hear from voices such as actor Patrick DempseyStandUp2Cancer Co-Founders Katie CouricPam Williams, the late Laura Ziskin. Also appearing in this episode: Steven Hoffman (Professor of Global Health Law and Political Science at York University in Toronto, Canada,) Dr. Larissa Nekhlyudov (Director of Internal Medicine for Cancer Survivors at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute,) Kami Kosenko (Professor of Communication at North Carolina State University,) and Milton Kent (Former reporter and sports columnist for The Baltimore Sun). For more information about this series, visit

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