Staying Angry: Michael Millenson is “Demanding Medical Excellence”

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Staying Angry: Michael Millenson is “Demanding Medical Excellence”

August 27, 2020

Staying Angry: Michael Millenson is “Demanding Medical Excellence”

Author and journalist Michael Millenson is one of the original agitators of the status quo of healthcare. He is a friend, mentor, and someone I have consistently referred to as the “older, angrier, and more sagacious version of me.” His activism over the past 20+ years has paved the way for scores od patient advocates like me to grow our experiences into formidable and influential bully pulpits. And his book, Demanding Medical Excellence” is a template for what SHOULD be happening with our healthcare system but is regrettably not. He is particularly incendiary against hospital systems that place profit over purpose and who often have to be incentivized to do the right thing for their patients. You’re going to love this conversation.

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