Erika Gerdes:  Being a People-Pleaser Doesn't Please People

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Erika Gerdes: Being a People-Pleaser Doesn't Please People

November 12, 2020

Erika Gerdes: Being a People-Pleaser Doesn't Please People

On the show today, Authenticity Advocate/Speaker/Coach/Writer Erika Gerdes. Lots of self-descriptors there, but rest assured listeners, you’re in store for an organic, no-BS kitchen table conversation about worthiness, insecurity, how being a people-pleaser doesn’t please people. It’s time to focus on the art of undoing the limiting beliefs that hold us back from whoever it is we want, need, and hope to be as carbon life forms on our small blue marble. I like to say, “Man plans and God laughs.” (Or “Insert Deity Here” laughs) and Erika is no exception to that rule. Just when you think things are set straight ahead, and everything is going to plan… Sounds like “famous last words” to me. But when her 3-month old daughter faced a life-threatening spinal tumor, that’s when real life kicks in, and where there plan is that there is no plan — and our vanity and quest for approval fly out the window for all the right reasons. Maybe we can all find strength when things aren’t fine. I also learned what a Xoogler is. I’d tell you to Google it but… well, you’ll find out. Enjoy the show. Learn more about Erika online at

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