A call for health equity in scholarly publishing

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A call for health equity in scholarly publishing

Listen to Jessica Bylander and Vabren Watts discuss the Biden administration's vision for advancing racial equity and the new Health Affairs health equity project.
January 29, 2021
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A call for health equity in scholarly publishing

This week President Joe Biden released his vision for advancing racial equity. On the same day, Health Affairs released details of its new Health Equity project.

To spotlight the organization’s approach to the topic and project, Health Affairs published two blogs to outline the program’s details. Editor-In-Chief Alan Weil outlined his view on racism and health equity, stating where there is racism, only anti-racist systems can generate equitable results. Director of Equity Vabren Watts wrote on the subject of dismantling racism, noting that Health Affairs plans to be intentional in promoting and advancing equity.
Ultimately, Health Affairs is aiming for equitable participation, with authors, reviewers and editors representative of the diversity of the health policy community. The organization will seek out new voices from institutions, disciplines, and communities that have not historically been well represented in its pages. 

On this episode of This Week, Jessica Bylander and Vabren Watts discuss the new health equity project.

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