83 – Learning the Hippocratic Hustle

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83 – Learning the Hippocratic Hustle

February 11, 2019

83 – Learning the Hippocratic Hustle

Dr. Carrie Reynolds, the host of the Hippocratic Hustle podcast, is back to share more about how podcasting has affected her life.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What attracted Dr. Carrie to start podcasting
  • Her challenges with "solo" episodes

  • The early stages of her podcasting journey

  • Getting over fears and things that holds you back

  • How she answers #Imnotjustadoc

Things mentioned in the show:

Hippocratic Hustle

Miss Bonnie Koo, MD

Headspace App

Princess Diaries

Michelle Obama

Learn more about Dr. Carrie and connect with her at:

Website: Hippocratic Hustle

Social Media: Twitter


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