75 – Why You Should Start Podcasting NOW!

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75 – Why You Should Start Podcasting NOW!

November 26, 2018

75 – Why You Should Start Podcasting NOW!


On this episode of DOTB, I’m interviewing Rana Campbell. A lifestyle entrepreneur hosting the popular podcast Dreams in Drive. She interviews successful and creative entrepreneurs who want to take their dreams out of park and into drive!

With hard work and a lot of research, plus being committed to what she loves doing, she was able to launch her podcast. And from that point onwards she kept on building it up until it reached the level to where it is now. We’re talking her show being on the front page of Apple Podcasts, and being featured on so many “Best Of” lists in electronic media!

Get your pen and notepad ready as Rana shares important lessons & tips on how to start your own podcast and why you should do it too!

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How powerful podcasting is
  • How she started and launched her own podcast
  • The challenges and opportunities that can occur in podcasting
  • Excuses you didn’t know you were making which hinders your growth
  • The pitfalls and detours she encountered along the journey
  • An interesting story about getting her guests
  • Finding your niche and audience
  • The 80/20 rule



MadameNoire Articles by Rana Campbell

WC Cole Podcast

Learn more about Rana Campbell – Blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

Follow the Dreams in Drive Podcast – Website,

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