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60 – Doc Hollywood

June 25, 2018

60 – Doc Hollywood


Becoming a doctor is a pretty tough feat. Then the actual practice of a doctor is no walk in the park also. I know I’m stating the obvious, but have you ever wanted to know what life is like in other professions. I’ll raise my hand first to that.

Ever wanted to know what life in Hollywood is like? Although it’s not life or death like medicine, it’s still stressful and to some – cutthroat.

After listening to my next guest you’re going to learn about the resiliency needed to survive the glam, fame, and rejection in Hollywood. My next guest is Dr. Zoanne Clack and she is executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy. She’s been writing for the show for 14 years now and enjoying the fruits of her labor.  Hopefully, after this interview, you’ll learn the many layers to Dr. Clack.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How hitting her lowest point gave her the drive to go after her dreams
  • How she dealt with multiple failures
  • What’s it like working with Shonda Rhimes
  • Her quick tips to make it in Hollywood
  • How she answers #Imnotjustadoc


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