53 – How to Get So Money

Docs Outside The Box

53 – How to Get So Money

April 9, 2018

53 – How to Get So Money


On this episode, I’m interviewing Farnoosh Torabi from the popular So Money Podcast. For those who don’t know, she’s one of the leading experts in personal finance. Farnoosh is also a speaker, TV personality, and author. You can find her work on The Today Show, Good Morning America, O The Oprah Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal – Damn that’s a long list.

She’s even hosted her own show on CNBC – Follow the Leader. She’s also an author of 3 books.

We learned how to get So Money with Farnoosh, talked about the important first steps doctors can take to get ahead financially. We even talked about how women can handle the situation of making more than their partners! Listen up…you definitely don’t want to miss this episode!

Learn more about Farnoosh Torabi:

My story

Being a Mom Has made me Rich

CNBC – Follow the Leader

Follow her on Instagram: @farnooshtorabi

Subscribe to her podcast –So Money

XY Planning Network

Nii & Renee on So Money


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