110 – Learn to Become a Sought-After Speaker

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110 – Learn to Become a Sought-After Speaker

May 27, 2019

110 – Learn to Become a Sought-After Speaker

What’s good everyone!

On this episode Phylecia Jones joins me to talk about what it’s like to make a career centered on speaking to live audiences. She hosts a daily live show on Instagram and FaceBook called “Ask The Budgetologist,” where she’s giving advice on money, business, and life. Phylecia has made a name for herself as a sought-after motivational speaker, but now she also coaches others on solidifying their brand through speaking opportunities.

Oh did I forget to mention her “outside the box” path to success? She has a college degree in Computer Science and a Masters degree in Systems Engineering and worked with the US Navy until retiring at the age of 36 to start talking about math, numbers, and money.


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