025 – This doctor has the Rx for your social media woes

Docs Outside The Box

025 – This doctor has the Rx for your social media woes

June 12, 2017

025 – This doctor has the Rx for your social media woes

On the 25th episode of Docs Outside the Box, you get to hear from Dr. Kevin Pho – creator of the popular website KevinMD! If you have never heard of KevinMD then you’re definitely not living outside the box, because this website has been named the web’s top social media influencer in health care. What started off in 2004 with humble beginnings in the early days of blogging has now turned into a site with over 3 million page views, and over 250k followers on Facebook and Twitter. Trust me, if you’re a doctor and want to make a name for yourself writing or with social media – YOU WANT TO BE PUBLISHED ON THIS SITE!!

Although the site has grown immensely, Dr. Pho has remained true to his mission – to provide a medium for front-line physicians and healthcare workers to speak honestly about our healthcare system. He’s a well sought after public speaker traveling through the country speaking at high profile events. His website has been cited in numerous major media outlets such as: CNN, The New York Times, and Forbes.

Dr. Pho received his medical degree from Boston University – School of Medicine and stayed at the same institution to complete his residency in Internal Medicine. I don’t know how, but he still has time to practice clinically in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Things to you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Who manages and curates his website
  • How he handles posts or viewpoints on his site that he disagrees with
  • His recommendations on how physicians can properly get started with social media
  • His thoughts on the current state of affairs of popular TV physician medical journalists
  • How saying ‘No’ has been his biggest life-hack for productivity
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc

Music: JMKM – 2020 Vision

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