014 – Dr Ryan Gray from the Medical School Headquarters

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014 – Dr Ryan Gray from the Medical School Headquarters

December 6, 2016

014 – Dr Ryan Gray from the Medical School Headquarters

Dr. Ryan Gray took some time from his busy schedule to be my next guest. He’s a podcasting veteran and if you haven’t heard of Ryan Gray – you’re living under a rock!! He runs the Medical School Headquarters, which is a website that “takes relevant premed topics and creates a one-stop shop for you to quickly get the information you need.” As the host of multiple podcasts – all with a focus on helping premed students become stronger candidates for medical school – he has quickly gained thousands of followers and listeners.

Oh yeah and add author his repertoire. His book The Premed Playbook – Guide to the Medical School Interview  is his compilation of over 50 interview questions and answers that premeds can use to crush their interviews!! He even provides one -on-one coaching for premeds.

Dr. Gray did his undergraduate studies at the University of Florida, and graduated with his M.D. at New York Medical College. He went on to do an internship at Tufts Medical Center and afterwards became a Flight Surgeon.

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • His thoughts on the positives and negatives of being an entrepreneur
  • Why he stepped away from clinical medicine and decided to run Medical School Headquarters full time
  • Why he decided to write his book The Premed Playbook
  • His thoughts on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Ryan’s best productivity life-hack
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc

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