The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast is focused on helping medical practice managers level up their practice.

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Phase Next for the Staffing Crisis

Welcome back to this two-part special with Molly Ramsay!  Staffing and employee retention have been nothing less than a greek conquest for the last couple of years. Even before the pandemic hit, healthcare workers were feeling burnt out. Since early 2020, when Covid wreaked havoc worldwide, a lot of people have been jumping ship due to being in a constant state of burnout. Compensation is one big flag to touch upon in this discussion, but it isn’t the only one. Many organizations are looking forward to new and softer ways to retain their employees. Molly and Jesse go through this topic sharing reflections, pieces of advice, and possible solutions to have a stronger January-February period. Tune in and enjoy! 
January 6, 2022

The Ideal Onboarding Experience

Developing or bringing on teams can be a daunting experience for most managers, we know that first hand! In this two-part special with Molly Ramsay we are breaking through how we can create a better experience for those members just joining the team and how we can improve the onboarding process. She believes that the onboarding process starts with the interviews and how they are presenting the company to the candidates. She also gives tips on how to build up someone’s first day. Molly also finalizes this interview sharing innovative ways you can engage your employees through simple actions! Tune in and don’t miss the next episode with Molly!
December 16, 2021

The Future of Wearable Medical Technology

We are back with our first international guest, Peter Vranes!  In the last episode, he shared his journey in entrepreneurship, wearable devices, and how we can continuously monitor certain levels and tests we usually get tested once or twice a year. For this occasion, Peter will talk to us about new revolutionary technologies. Data sets and their management with the patient at the center of it all are truly important right now. The early identification of some conditions can be so critical to their management, this is why having big data sets can help in this process. Remote patient monitoring is on the growing side of technology, and in the future, we will see more technology enabling it.  Join this second episode with Peter Vranes and listen to where medicine and healthcare can be headed! 
December 9, 2021

Path to CEO and Intro to Nutromics

Today’s guest is our very first international guest on the Medical Management Podcast!  All the way from Australia, Peter Vranes came over to share his pieces of advice on being a Chief Executive Officer. Peter reckons how entrepreneurship and uncertainty have taught him to be a better person, and he loves challenging himself. Imposter syndrome, authenticity, technology, and the future of medicine are some of the main topics in this conversation. Peter wants to help people through technology in the healthcare industry, so tune in to learn more about his journey! Don’t worry, we will have Peter on our next episode too because he has more things to share. 
December 2, 2021

Lauren Harris Top 21 of 2021 – Favorite Things for Wellness, Leadership Development and Productivity

Welcome to the top 21 of 2021 tips, tools, and techniques episode! We are joined by our dear friend Lauren Harris, who went on her own as a healthcare consultant after more than 20 years in healthcare management. Taking care of yourself is a whole-rounded task, this means it involves your physical and mental health, and also your workplace health. They chat about 4 categories: wellness, leadership development, community, and productivity. From wellness to sleep, to the physical environment you work in, to productivity apps and habits, they are all here to help you!  Tune in and see if you can apply all of the 21that Jesse and Lauren mentioned!
November 18, 2021


In previous episodes, we have talked about month-ends, budgets, and more, but we haven’t tackled the big topic they all have in common: Financials.  On this occasion, Jay is here to spill the beans about financials and why having these reports is important. Having insights is incredibly important to see how operational decisions are affecting financial outcomes. There are a lot of things that we can streamline and not overburden the system. Financials are, in the end, a reflection of the operational decisions taken.  Join Jay, while he gives us a detailed breakdown of the financial aspect in the management department!
November 11, 2021

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The Medical Management Podcast

The Medical Management Podcast is focused on helping medical practice managers level up their practice. We channel over 43 years of medical practice management into actionable advice aimed to help you level up your practice. Through interviews with front-line managers and industry leaders, we bring you resources, tools, and inspiration to grow your practice.
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Jay Holmes

Jay Holmes


Jay has spent the majority of his career in public accounting, with a lot of that working with small businesses in the healthcare industry. During a portion of that time, he served on Intuit’s Accountant Council helping lead innovation in the small business accounting arena. His public accounting days are happily behind him, and he spends his time now as the visionary and CFO of MedMan helping medical practices thrive.
Jesse Arnoldson

Jesse Arnoldson


Jesse has spent the first three years of his career traveling the North West as an interim administrator for MedMan, working with practice experiencing enormous amounts of change and challenge. Since then he’s grown roots as the administrator for a pediatrics group in Boise, ID.

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