Simplifying the No Surprise Billing Act

The Medical Management Podcast

Simplifying the No Surprise Billing Act

January 20, 2022

Simplifying the No Surprise Billing Act

Hello and happy 2022! 

The Medical Management Podcast is truly happy to be back with much more information to help you level up your practice. In this two-part special we feature our friend Scott Tucker. In this first episode, we tackle a controversial topic: the No Surprises Billing Act of 2022. Even though this act applies in its majority to hospital settings, there is a part that applies for outpatient medical clinics and practices. Good faith estimates and disclaimers must be shown to patients. Hospitals and practices are not involved when a patient disputes a bill, that must be done directly with the government.

Scott breaks down the No Surprises Billing Act step by step for you to understand and know how to go forward from now on.

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