Phase Next for the Staffing Crisis

The Medical Management Podcast

Phase Next for the Staffing Crisis

January 6, 2022

Phase Next for the Staffing Crisis

Welcome back to this two-part special with Molly Ramsay! 

Staffing and employee retention have been nothing less than a greek conquest for the last couple of years. Even before the pandemic hit, healthcare workers were feeling burnt out. Since early 2020, when Covid wreaked havoc worldwide, a lot of people have been jumping ship due to being in a constant state of burnout. Compensation is one big flag to touch upon in this discussion, but it isn’t the only one. Many organizations are looking forward to new and softer ways to retain their employees.

Molly and Jesse go through this topic sharing reflections, pieces of advice, and possible solutions to have a stronger January-February period. Tune in and enjoy! 

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