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Entrepreneurship After Breaking Up with Corporate: Katrina Roddy – Entrepreneur Coach/Author

Now is a great time to start a podcast!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to learn how: __________________ Chicago Illinois native, Katrina Roddy worked “a lifetime” in Corporate Insurance before being laid off.  It was at that moment when she chose to take her acquired skills in corporate and created her own career as an Author/Entrepreneur Coach.   After spending 30 years in an environment that dictates where you should travel, what time you should go to lunch, who your clients are, what time to work, and what time to quit... Breaking free to become an entrepreneur is a hard brave task.  Now that you have all the time in the world to do what you want and control your life, you don't know what to do.   So many go back to corporate.   This best-selling author of "Steal your SKILLS from Corporate", will coach you through the mindset it takes to transition from employee status to becoming the CEO of your life as a new entrepreneur!  Katrina helps with the transition to make sure you have the support needed to create that fulfilling dream of yours. Website: __________________ Hello Fearless Freedom tribe!  I could not be doing this without you.  I mean, I could.  But what fun would that be?  I appreciate you and just want to thank you for helping make this podcast a success. __________________ Check out these podcasts.  Each of these wonderful women joined me in my Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals and created these amazing shows.   Pivot & Bloom Podcast   The Drama-Free Workplace with Patti Perez   Living at Your Finest   Ignite Your PowHer __________________ RESOURCES: Looking to start a podcast? Now is a great time to do just that!  Check out the free podcast launch masterclass I created to see if starting a podcast is a match for you.   Are you too busy to participate in a facilitated course but still want to get your show started? The Podcast in a Box is for you! You provide the audio for your first 5 five shows to launch with a bang, we do the REST.   Are you a podcast host or have the desire to be a podcast guest?  You will want to check out PodMatch, a free service that automatically matches podcast guests and hosts together for interviews.  Here’s my invite link:   Get off the fear fence today. Your tribe is waiting to hear your voice!
June 20, 2021 by Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Behaviors, Mindset and Conditioning with Shmeka Gibson

Shmeka is a business powerhouse who has a passion for psychology and helping people improve their mindset for success in their relationships, life and business. Budgeting, spending habits and relationship building are just some of the multiple ways Changing The Mindset Inc. is impacting the world on a global scale! Cyber-bullying is a new initiative they have undertaken to combat stress and depression, emphasize self-love and enrich interactions with other people. Among the mindset work that needs to be done in most of our lives, family relationships and the thought process around them are complex and strong. This is just one aspect of many mental health concepts discussed in this episode. Go to for the full show notes. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
June 20, 2021 by The Kidney Connection

Why doctors are such bad investors and how real estate can help

"How do we combat all these beliefs that can make doctors into bad investors? I have a few thoughts. First of all, don’t panic. Most of us are indeed starting behind the eight-ball when it comes to wealth accumulation. But even with a shorter runway, physicians make enough money to make up for lost time. With a well-constructed financial plan, you can hit your goals, whatever they might be. Second of all, be humble. Recognize that vast scientific knowledge doesn’t always translate into financial wizardry. Take the time to educate yourself in any area where you plan to invest. For example, I only started to accelerate my real estate investment after I took a formal real estate investing course. Finally, take ownership. Realize that your financial future is your responsibility. Don’t offload all the details to an advisor without having a basic understanding of what is happening to your money. Daniel Shin is a urologist who blogs at The Darwinian Doctor. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "Why doctors are such bad investors." (
June 20, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Health care leaders' roles in pandemic recovery: Caring for caregivers 

"These are extraordinary times. Leaders have the opportunity to seize the day, to lean into this turning point in health care delivery, to drive organizational transformation, and to emerge from the devastation of the pandemic with an organization in which patients and clinicians thrive. You simply have to ask yourself, are you willing to change? Are you willing to dive into the fray and adapt to save your clinicians with the same commitment that your clinicians have demonstrated throughout the pandemic? If you are, your organization will succeed beyond what you think is possible." Paul DeChant is a family physician and health care consultant. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "Caring for caregivers post-pandemic." (
June 19, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

53: Honoring Juneteenth

In this special edition of SEE YOU NOW, we’re honoring our very first national Juneteenth holiday. As a podcast focused on how nurse-led innovation is strengthening our healthcare systems and transforming lives, we’re marking this historic moment with a health equity playlist to amplify and elevate the scholarship, innovation, leadership, and contributions of Black nurses toward building healthier communities, families, and experiences. While meaningful progress has been made in reducing health disparities, there remains so much more to do in our race toward health equity. We invite and urge you to listen, learn from, follow, engage, elevate, and cite Black nurses and their courageous and groundbreaking work and contributions to moving health equity forward. In this episode, you’ll hear a sampling of nurses who are innovating on the front lines of health equity. Click here to enjoy our full Juneteenth playlist.  Honoring Juneteenth with SEE YOU NOW. A playlist featuring and elevating nurses who are driving health equity forward 44. Way More Than a Health Plan 40. Counting on Faith 32. Bridges To Fatherhood 39. Real World Data. Real Life Results 47. A Vote For Mom’s Health 31. Black Midwives & Matter Matter 38. Mentoring for a More Equitable Future To learn more, visit our website at Contact us at
June 18, 2021 by See You Now

State of Healthcare recap and Future of Healthcare preview — with Hal Wolf

Earlier this week, HIMSS Trust Partners from the HIMSS, the Chartis Group, Accenture, and ZS came together to share new data and insights at the HIMSS State of Healthcare event. If you missed it, you can still register and check out the event on demand here.But on this week's HIMSSCast, host Jonah Comstock and MobiHealthNews Managing Editor Laura Lovett discuss some of the most interesting things they heard at the event. Then stay tuned for a special segment with HIMSS CEO Hal Wolf, who talks about what's to come at the companion, in-person event Future of Healthcare, scheduled for HIMSS 21 in Las Vegas in August.Talking points:Changes in consumer attitudes about telehealthThe state of healthcare from the patient’s perspectiveWhat’s holding back the “low-hanging fruit” technologies?Which changes are staying and which are going “back to normal”?AI & ML: Providers are bullish in general but light on specifics, while patients are generally uncomfortable but excited when they hear specificsHospitals are bouncing back financially, but were lessons learned?Are hospitals underestimating new competitive threats?Looking ahead at the Future of Healthcare eventHow COVID-19 changed everything, and the role technology has to playHow healthcare could follow in the footsteps of auto manufacturingFuture of Healthcare highlightsMore about this episode:68% of health system execs plan deeper AI investments to meet strategic goalsPayers focus on artificial intelligence and machine learningTo make new tech implementations work, patient consultant says to focus on the personOscar Health's CEO on how insurance companies have transformed during COVID-19Atrium Health's quick turnaround allowed for digital innovation during the pandemic
June 18, 2021 by HIMSSCast

Autonomous Medical Coding

In this episode, we are privileged to feature Ilyana Rosenberg, the Principal Product Manager at NYM Health, a startup focused on automating medical coding. Ilyana educates us on the basics of medical coding and discusses how her company leverages automation to improve operational efficiency and compliance perspectives. She relays inspiring anecdotes and great insights on innovation in health care, keeping medical coders updates, and more. Ilyana is excited about the innovations happening in healthcare, and you can hear it in her voice. Please tune in and learn more about medical coding and its impact on healthcare.
June 18, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket

Top Stories for 6/18

A direct-to-consumer telehealth company looks to expand globally with new acquisition; AHA asks Express Scripts to rescind its 340B claims policy. Also: EHRs say customers can establish greater patient control over record-sharing with Apple Health app.Links to the stories: Hims & Hers eyes UK expansion with Honest Health acquisitionAHA wants Express Scripts to rescind 340B claims reporting policyCerner, Meditech to support record-sharing via Apple
June 18, 2021 by HIMSSCast

Mastering Your Health and Finding Joy in Life | The Nurse Keith Show, EPS 327

On episode 327 of The Nurse Keith Show healthcare and nursing career podcast, Keith interviews physician, author, and alternative medicine champion Dr. Mona Balogh. whose career path led her to recognize therapeutic modalities that may be helpful in conjunction with evidence-based allopathic medicine, and to write the book, "How to Stay Out of My Emergency Room". 
June 18, 2021 by The Nurse Keith Show

Physicians need growth days

"We can move from being a reactor to creator. Creators think of the future and make it start happening today. Reactors are just dealing with the crisis at hand, not progressing, feeling stuck, feeling like life is unfair. Reactors are people-pleasing, reacting to everything said, constantly worrying about how to win the approval of others. That’s the trouble with people-pleasing: You are always reacting. We think we are making others happy, but we despise ourselves and resent others. We should start taking the time to please ourselves. It is only from this space that we can start helping others. If you think this will be a waste, or you can’t take a break because there is work to do, your brain will find ways to prove this thought true. If you tell yourself this is stupid and a waste of time, then you will squander the day and prove yourself right. If you tell yourself they can’t live without out you (and your confidence depends on them wanting you), you will allow the interruptions. If you find yourself saying you really can’t take the time off, then you have a non-sustainable job. Give yourself permission. Start to develop strong boundaries. Understanding what we can and cannot do in a day. Setting aside days for us to reflect, listen deeply to our inner thoughts, and strategize the path we are meant to live are keys to a successful life. If we’re too busy and never take time to stop, we will never see the path in front of us." Amy Vertrees is a general surgeon and co-founder, The Common Thread Women Surgeon Coaching. She shares her story and discusses her KevinMD article, "Physicians need growth days." (
June 18, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

High Validity Data for Real World Evidence with Dr. Dan Riskin

June 18, 2021: Today we have enabling technologies. We have compute power. We have artificial intelligence. We have data in the system through electronic health records. We have so much that's enabling. But there is a desperate need for tailored healthcare, data-driven care, precision medicine, personalized healthcare, whatever you like to call it. That is what’s going to disrupt the industry. And creating the right business model for it is hard. Because healthcare is not straightforward. It's complicated. Dr. Dan Riskin, Entrepreneur, Professor of Surgery and Biomedical Informatics Research at Stanford and CEO of Verantos is here to help us figure it out. Key Points:What's happening right now is doctors are making guesses. We've gone from medicine as a science 40-50 years ago to medicine as an art again. And that's not where we want to be in healthcare. [00:05:35] There is a real risk of bad evidence making it into the system, changing the standard of care and harming patients [00:14:00] You have bias in the data and then you have the quality of the data [00:15:20]Let's in healthcare do what is realistic and possible in the short term. And in the long term we can try to create things that seem crazy and unrealistic. [00:22:15] What’s the biggest thing we can do in healthcare to make it better? The most disruptive, most beneficial thing. Make the patient the customer. [00:34:35] Verantos 
June 18, 2021 by This Week In Health IT

Peering into the MedPAC crystal ball for the future of Medicare payments

June is shaping to be a busy month in the health policy space. Two major events happened this week alone.First, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) survived its latest legal challenge in the Supreme Court. After facing many court challenges, the 2010 policy is still the law of the land.Also, the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) sent a report to Congress on Tuesday making many recommendations to revamp Medicare payments. It's recommendations are not binding but the group is influential in the health policy community. In the report, the advisory group called for streamlining alternative payment models (APMs) and changing how Medicare Advantage benchmarks are calculated.On this episode of Health Affairs This Week, Senior Editors Leslie Erdelack and Jessica Bylander discuss the recent Supreme Court decision and try and demystify what MedPAC is and highlight some of the agency's recommendations from the recent report. Related Links: MedPAC June 2021 Report Affordable Care Act Survives Latest Supreme Court Challenge (The New York Times) LIVE with Liz Fowler, Director Of The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (A Health Podyssey) Private Equity Investments In Health Care: An Overview Of Hospital And Health System Leveraged Buyouts, 2003-17 (Health Affairs) Understanding Private Equity Investment In Hospitals (A Health Podyssey) Subscribe: RSS | Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Castro | Stitcher | Deezer | Overcast
June 17, 2021 by Health Affairs This Week

Building Your Healthcare Network with Donna Bergman

In this second part of our interview with Donna, we cover the power of networking and dive deep into actionable steps to building a strong health care network. Jesse swaps stories with Donna on how they got into their respective local chapters. Donna recounts her funny experiences building a network and the piece of advice her boss and mentor told her. She also shares how networking can impact a career, tips on the best ways to engage with your local chapter, and ways to build great network support. If you've been struggling to create a network, this episode will inspire you to work harder and smarter. For the full transcript, show notes, and resources to help you level up your practice, visit us at 

Regenerative Medicine Edition Ep.8: Neuroregenerative Therapies

To claim credit for this episode, visit: Guest: Nathan Staff, M.D. (@NathanStaffMD) Host: Darryl S. Chutka, M.D. (@ChutkaMD) The cells in our nervous system are extremely specialized, especially those in the brain. Unfortunately, nervous tissue does not have a great potential to regain function once it is lost. Exciting research is being done in the field of neuro-regenerative medicine which will give hope for improvement to those with chronic neurodegenerative disease or nerve damage from injury. Dr. Nathan Staff, a Mayo Clinic neurologist, joins us regarding the challenges with the current management of chronic neurodegenerative diseases and the future potential for treating such conditions as Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, ALS and other neurodegenerative disease with regenerative medicine therapies. Specific topics discussed: Current research in regenerative medicine treatment for chronic neurodegenerative disease Currently used regenerative medicine in neurologic conditions New treatment options on the horizon for chronic neurodegenerative disease using regenerative medicine therapy  Additional educational opportunities from Mayo Clinic: Connect with the Mayo Clinic’s School of Continuous Professional Development online at or on Twitter @MayoMedEd.
June 17, 2021 by Mayo Clinic Talks

A Rare Collection – Superheroes

ONCE UPON A GENE - EPISODE 087 A Rare Collection - Superheroes This is a new edition to the podcast that is built on the power of storytelling. This extra special first episode of A Rare Collection will be released once a month and will feature three people from the rare disease community sharing a short story. This month's theme is Superheroes. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS Casey Parks, Father to Ford with CTNNB1 Casey shares a story from when he was little, going to the comic book store with his dad and brother. His favorite comic was Captain America. As he grew, he still loved superheroes and looked forward to introducing his kids to the world of super heroes in the same way his dad did for him. He hoped his son would love Captain America as much as he did. Casey shares about his son Ford, born with a rare genetic condition called CTNNB1, and how the things he remembers from his childhood, the things he wanted to share with Ford, probably won't be a part of their father-son journey the way he imagined. But what it's taught him instead is that Ford is his real life Captain America. Bo Bigelow, The Rare Disease Film Festival, The Disorder Channel Co-Founder, Father to Tess with Hao-Fountain Syndrome Bo tells a story about a boy he met, a 7 year old superhero. He shares about his 11 year old daughter Tess who has Hao-Fountain Syndrome. She doesn't talk, she has autism, seizures and intellectual disability. At a picnic on a hot summer day, Tess was overheating and miserable. The picnic where Bo was hoping to connect with other parents and other children like Tess had left him feeling isolated and disappointed. Departing the picnic gathering, Bo took Tess to the beach to cool off in the water. A 7 year old boy stood by in the water watching Tess. He asked about her. He asked how old she was. He asked why she didn't talk. He was interested and curious about Tess. When Bo told the boy that Tess didn't speak, the boy reacted with a heroic statement. The boy saved the day. He was a superhero. Daniel DeFabio, The Rare Disease Film Festival, The Disorder Channel Co-Founder, Father to Lucas with Menkes Daniel compares the strengths of superheroes and the often opposite comparison of kids with rare disease- that they can do less than others and there's a lot they cannot do. Daniel's son Lucas needed a wheelchair and needed a food tube. Instead of focusing on Lucas' lack in ability to speak, he focused on his expressions, how infectious his grin was and laugh were. People found his gifts remarkable. With all his challenges, he found and exuded joy and inspired others to do the same. Lucas used the superpowers he had to do good and spread good to those around him. What would you do if you had superpowers? CONNECT WITH EFFIE PARKS Website Twitter Instagram Built Ford Tough Facebook Group
June 17, 2021 by Once Upon A Gene

Train Your Brain – with Leah Jantzen

In this episode of HOT for your HEALTH, Dr Vonda Wright is joined by Leah Jantzen, the Scrappy Athlete.  A champion endurance athlete, who ran her first marathon at 42. Leah is now on a mission to empower athletes of every age and ability—and make them realize that most of the limiting factors to performance are the self-defeating beliefs in their own minds. The creator of Train Your Brain—a system for boosting mental fitness—Leah instructs her clients to clearly see an athletic goal in their mind, then guides them through the process of training their bodies to achieve that goal. You can find Leah and her coaching philosophy on IG @Thescrappyathlete or on her website
June 17, 2021 by HOT for your Health

Our extraordinary lungs' power and fragility

"With the obvious accounted for, we turned to the obscure, the area of medicine where judgment and experience come into play. Fortunately, we received sound advice and guidance from the infectious disease physicians. Stick to the basics, they stressed, only do them better. We continued our patient on the first-line anti-TB drugs he had been on, this time at a slightly higher dose, and added one dose intravenously since he had inflammation in his abdomen and likely wasn’t absorbing a lot of the medicine he had been taking. We supported his immune system with appropriate calories through a feeding tube and kept the pressure in his lungs low on the ventilator. In this case, there could have been an urge to change the plan radically, to alter the anti-TB drugs or give steroids or other immune modulators. The art of medicine is knowing when to give up and start anew versus when to stay with the basic plan, executed better. In this case, we stuck with the basic plan. Gradually, the inflammation in the chest and abdomen calmed down. We were able to give the patient physical therapy, and he got off the ventilator and went to the general medical floor. We stuck to the basics of antibiotics and nutrition, and he did well. When in doubt in medicine, stick to the basics are indeed words to live by." Michael J. Stephen is a pulmonary physician and author of Breath Taking: The Power, Fragility, and Future of Our Extraordinary Lungs. He shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, "The lungs and the common good." (
June 17, 2021 by The Podcast by KevinMD

Why are Nurses so sick? With Fallon Lopez

Recent studies show that nearly 54% of nurses are either overweight or obese. This is just one of many illnesses that affects the profession, but have you ever wondered why? Why are nurses so sick? In this episode, we discuss health and wellness in nursing with Fallon Lopez, Founder of R You Well.  Join us as we discuss tips and tricks to take better care of yourself and avoid burnout.
June 17, 2021 by Nurse Leader Network

How Can Healthcare Workers Care for Themselves and Colleagues During Times of Grief

In this second half of a two-part conversation, Dr. MJ Erickson-Hogue speaks with Lizzie Pickering about what clinicians and healthcare workers can do to care for themselves and colleagues during times of grief. Lizzie is a grief investigator. She's spent the last 20 years since her son Harry died, investigating her grief and learning how to navigate it.   Lizzie shares some practical tools and other methods to help process loss, and what warning signs indicate that an individual should consider or could benefit from professional counseling for grief. For more information about grief, be sure to listen to part 1 of this conversation. You can also follow this podcast on your favorite podcast player to receive future updates. Elsevier Clinical Insights is a podcast highlighting clinical tools, resources, and the latest expert insights to support you in providing patient care. Hosted by: Dr. MJ Erickson-Hogue, Director, Point of Care, Digital Content, Elsevier Clinical Solutions  Learn more on Elsevier's Website | Health Podcast Network Follow on Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | YouTube

Babies, Boats & Abstracts: An Insider's Guide to Health Policy Conferences

Health policy experts are kicking off the summer with back-to-back conferences: AcademyHealth's Annual Research Meeting and the 10th Annual Conference of the American Society of Health Economists (ASHEcon). Hop on the Tradeoffs Tours bus for conference tips, stories and exciting research with a conference veteran, Kosali Simon.Guest: Kosali Simon, PhD, Herman B. Wells Endowed Professor, Associate Vice Provost for Health Sciences; Indiana UniversityFind links to the conferences' full agendas and an episode transcript on our website: up for our weekly newsletter to see what research health policy experts are reading right now, plus recommendations from our staff: this type of journalism today, with a gift: us on Twitter:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
June 17, 2021 by Tradeoffs

Embrace Your Fears With Dr. Weili Gray

Dr. Weili Gray is a hospital-employed physician that practices sleep medicine in a rural community in the northeast. She is the founder of Dare to Dream Physician, hosts her podcast, and offers one on one life planning.But it doesn’t stop there!!Her mission is to help physicians who feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled dare to dream and create their most abundant lives so they can live each day with intention and passion.Tune in today to hear how she decided to go from a doctor wanting to change the world to actually taking BIGGER steps to create more of an outcome to change. She also tells us how EntreMd played a huge part in her growth as an intrapreneur.  If you need help either discovering your zone of genius or figuring out how to present it to the world, you need to join the EntreMD Business School. Enrolment is open now for a very limited time and won’t be open again until 2022 to allow me to concentrate on what I love: serving the EntreMD Business School Students. If you loved this episode of The EntreMD Podcast, I invite you to join my signature subscription program EntreMD On Demand, giving you access to a library of business courses designed to help you thrive as a physician entrepreneur!  What You’ll Learn from this Episode:·         How to become a decision-maker. ·        How to get over the fear of what is to come. ·        How EntreMD Business School took Dr. Weili to the next level. Featured on the Show:If you're ready to build a business that lets you live life and practice medicine on your own terms, check out the EntreMD Business School!DareToDreamPhysician.comPodcast Dare to Dream PhysicianFacebook DareToDreamPhysician EBS21 Pre-roll
June 17, 2021 by The EntreMD Podcast

VAX ON: Vaccine Latecomers. Prom Drama and Magnetic Side Effects

In this episode of VAX ON, Matthew Zachary, Elura Nanos, and special drop-in-guest Andrew MacDowell discuss Novavax’s late entry into the COVID vaccine market, an update on the Johnson & Johnson manufacturing SNAFU, and one polarizing nurse who has many wondering when our vaccine magnetism will kick in. They also break down some high school prom drama that has many parents seeking a lawyer.

F136 Do You Understand the Psychology of Chronic Disease? (David Kliff, The Diabetic Investor)

David Kliff is the author and publisher of the Diabetic Investor eNewsletter, former investment advisor and as a person living with diabetes. As the author and publisher of the Diabetic Investor eNewsletter, David Kliff has spent the last 20 years analyzing the ups and downs of the diabetes industry. He closely monitors the diabetes biomed, biotech and device market and shares intel on breaking developments in existing and emerging pharmaceutical and tech companies that operate in that space.  In this episode, David talks about improvements in diabetes care and the psychological impacts and challenges contributing to low adherence to medication adherence and other diabetes treatment-related challenges. This discussion was recorded as part of the research for the documentary (OVER)DOSE - How can we prevent medication errors?  Join the premiere on 29 June: More details about the event:
June 17, 2021 by Faces of Digital Health

Future-Proofing the Digital Health Ecosystem

In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting the excellent Adam Sabloff, CEO of VirtualHealth. Adam's story of how he got into healthcare from real estate is very interesting. He discusses how his company created the first SaaS solution purpose-built for value-based care, and how they are increasing outcomes. Adam shares his insights on proactive health, value-based care, empowering members and caregivers, and more. He also talks about handling setbacks,  keeping an eye on your North Star, telehealth, and things he's excited about.
June 16, 2021 by Outcomes Rocket
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How Can Healthcare Workers Care for Themselves and Colleagues During Times of Grief Part 2 of 2: Practical Tools and Methods to Help Process Loss