Hepatitis B—Culturally Responsive Care to Address the Stigma & Silence (H. Nina Kim, Ep.41)

Healthcare for Humans

Hepatitis B—Culturally Responsive Care to Address the Stigma & Silence (H. Nina Kim, Ep.41)

March 7, 2024

Hepatitis B—Culturally Responsive Care to Address the Stigma & Silence (H. Nina Kim, Ep.41)


We sit down with H. Nina Kim to explore the delicacy of discussing hepatitis B without trigger, the consequential distrust in healthcare within immigrant communities tied to historical traumas, and the necessity for culturally sensitive approaches. We delve into the responsibility of healthcare providers to empower and educate patients using relatable metaphors and community-led initiatives, emphasizing the importance of dismantling stigma and fostering hope. In our conversation, we underscore the significance of precise communication, including the use of high-quality interpreter services and the shift towards inspiring campaigns that feature community leaders. Moreover, we discuss the role of organizations like the Hepatitis B Foundation in providing a voice to those affected by the virus, creating a supportive online network, and the potential for future inclusive health programs informed by affected communities themselves. Join us as we advocate for a more understanding and equitable healthcare landscape that prioritizes the human element at the heart of care.

Timestamped Overview:

  • 02:10 The detrimental effects of military metaphors and historical trauma on immigrant trust in healthcare.
  • 07:35 The negative impact of US atomic bomb testing on Marshall Island communities’ health and trust.
  • 12:50 Shifting hepatitis B campaigns towards inspiring messages and empowerment.
  • 17:30 A discussion on the use of fear in healthcare messaging and the importance of community-led approaches.
  • 22:42 Providing resources and education to clinicians for better hepatitis B counseling.
  • 28:15 The role of the Hepatitis B Foundation in combating stigma through storytelling.
  • 33:28 Normalizing hepatitis B, emphasizing commonality, and ensuring patient understanding of treatment.
  • 38:40 Tackling stigma, discrimination, and the need to educate about transmission in vulnerable communities.
  • 44:15 Explaining asymptomatic diseases and bridging patient skepticism with trust-building methods.
  • 49:50 Decolonizing healthcare by involving community members and culturally responsive programs.

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