Get to Know Our Provider with Kara DeLacy

The Medical Management Podcast

Get to Know Our Provider with Kara DeLacy

February 9, 2021

Get to Know Our Provider with Kara DeLacy

In today’s episode, we have Kara DeLacy, the very first provider to be on the show. As a guest, Kara talks about how she developed her passion for health care. She also delves into what patients look for when seeking medical help and what to do when they come into the facility with information found online about their diagnosis.

Kara also proposes what could be improved in the healthcare system. Highlighting preventive medicine instead of reactive medicine and, an education on listening to our own body. Kara then adds what her ideal patient would be: an individual that is engaged in their health care, that wants to figure out what is really going on, and what can be done to improve the elements that impact their health.

If you are thinking of what drives a person to go into the healthcare path, you’ll learn a lot from this podcast, so please stay tuned.

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