DocResponse – Tips and Tricks with Long Huynh

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DocResponse – Tips and Tricks with Long Huynh

February 4, 2021

DocResponse – Tips and Tricks with Long Huynh

DocReponse is an amazing all-in-one contactless digital check-in solution that drives practice efficiency, lowers cost, and increased patient satisfaction. To get the most out of this solution, we need to know more about it.

In this episode, we are privileged to interview Long Huynh, the Chief of Products at DocResponse. Long crossed over into the health care I.T. space after working as an orthopedic physician assistant, and he shares how he transitioned to his current role. He also educates us on ways to maximize utilization of DocResponse as well as providing helpful tips on leveraging DocResponse’s dashboard.

You’ll discover great tips that you can use in your practice and in marketing, so please tune in and enjoy!

For the full transcript, show notes, and resources to help you level up your practice, visit us at 

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