Ukraine and our first asynchronous Stroke News Update “On the Road” Episode

Know Stroke Podcast

Ukraine and our first asynchronous Stroke News Update “On the Road” Episode

March 3, 2022

Ukraine and our first asynchronous Stroke News Update “On the Road” Episode

Season 3 Episode 6 -On The Road!

Before we get to our “Stroke in the News” this week we would be remiss not to pause and reflect that this episode is being recorded asynchronously amidst the backdrop of war in Ukraine. As we all finally sense an end to the COVID-19 crisis, we find ourselves in the midst of another one, and the extent of which is still unclear. It is hard to put into words what it means to watch the invasion of a sovereign nation, and honestly we’ve all struggled with the immediate human costs and certainly more lives will be senselessly lost.  Also realizing the  potential implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we have found hope in the strength of the Ukrainian people and we stand with them in support of democracy. 

In the news…
Boston Accents? 
Give us a review if you like the  pure content of this podcast, but don’t pick on Bostonians (and David)  please if you find Boston accents “irritating”- this was in the news this week…

Resources mentioned in this episode:

ISC Stroke Connection- Post Acute Rehab After Stroke-Getting it Right and why I believe they should have worked harder to offer this free for survivors.  My opinions here on The Know Stroke Blog 

Healthline reporter Cathy Cassata article on Peloton Instructor Bradley Rose Stroke with PFO spotlight 

UConn. Health PFO Closure Article

Caroline and Travis Boston Marathon episode with link to updated fundraising page

Mike and I will be presenting at the Rehab Tech Summit

March 4-5th (Neuro Edition) Use code KNOWSTROKE for 10% off admission at checkout-Rehab Tech Summit: 

We also wouldn’t be able to get these episodes churned out so quickly without our great podcast producer Jake Dansereau. Thank you Jake!

Music Credit and Podcast Production by Jake Dansereau, connect at JAKEEZo on Soundcloud  @user-257386777

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