Interview with Lauren Sheehan : OT in Tech | Co-Founder Rehab Tech Summit

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Interview with Lauren Sheehan : OT in Tech | Co-Founder Rehab Tech Summit

February 12, 2022

Interview with Lauren Sheehan : OT in Tech | Co-Founder Rehab Tech Summit

Lauren Sheehan S3E5 : OT in Tech, Co-Founder Rehab Tech Summit

As you’ll learn on this episode, my co-host first met Lauren while doing stroke research as part of his Masters degree in Dublin. Lauren is a Product Manager with Neurolutions, Inc. and has been in the medical device industry for the last five plus years. Her clinical background is primarily in outpatient neurorehabilitation. She has held administrative roles in clinic management and as a department director. 

Lauren is a founding member of the American Congress of Rehab Medicine’s Clinical Managers Task Force, serves as the Productive Aging Special Interest Section Technology Coordinator for the American Occupational Therapy Association and has served as an Adjunct Faculty Member at Samuel Merritt University in Oakland, CA. In addition, she serves on the Advisory Board for a developing Occupational Therapy Doctoral program at Keck Graduate Institute. 

In addition to adopting a new cat who you’ll meet briefly in this episode, Lauren is also a new mom and home owner.  In her spare time (LOL!),  Lauren co-founded the Rehab Tech Summit, an online conference and community that aims to bring together industry professionals and rehabilitation clinicians, researchers and entrepreneurs to share information and ideas in the rehabilitation technology space. Mike and I are delighted that we’ll be joining Lauren this year at the event to hold a roundtable discussion on the adoption of digital health and coaching to improve quality of life for those living with neurological disorders.

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Neurolutions was featured previously on our podcast in this episode

Marina Borukhovich, CEO of YourCoach Health
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Jane Connoley, OT

Rehab Tech Summit: 

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