Pioneering Stroke Research: Dr. Broderick’s TPA Breakthrough and StrokeNet Leadership

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Pioneering Stroke Research: Dr. Broderick’s TPA Breakthrough and StrokeNet Leadership

Driving Innovation and Advancing Stroke Care Through Research and Leadership
September 14, 2023

Pioneering Stroke Research: Dr. Broderick’s TPA Breakthrough and StrokeNet Leadership

In Episode 60 of the Know Stroke Podcast we sat down with the esteemed Dr. Joseph Broderick.

Guest Bio:

Joseph Broderick, MD, a distinguished stroke expert and neurologist, has been a crucial part of UC Physicians since 1987. In 1996, he became a professor of Neurology at the University of Cincinnati, and from 2000-2014, held the Albert Barnes Voorheis Chair for the Department of Neurology at the UC College of Medicine. From 2014 through the present, he has served as the Director of the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute.  

Contributing to medical care within the broader community as a founding member of the UC Stroke team, he has served as a courtesy staff member at 20 regional hospitals during the past 30 years and as a full staff member at all UC Health hospitals.

Currently, he is the principal investigator for the National Coordinating Center for StrokeNET, an NIH-funded network of 25 regional stroke centers and 500 hospitals nationwide focusing on clinical trials and stroke care as well the principal investigator of two sizeable global stroke trials. Without a doubt, he has played a pivotal role in UCMC and UC being one of the leading Comprehensive Stroke Centers in the world.

Show Notes:

Part 1: Inspiration and Research

Segment 1: What Drives Him

  • Dr. Broderick’s inspiration for becoming a stroke researcher and clinician.
  • His continued motivation to improve stroke treatment and patient outcomes.

Segment 2: Past & Present Research

  • Insights into Dr. Broderick’s remarkable career in stroke research.
  • Exploration of areas within acute stroke that warrant further research.

Segment 3: Intracerebral Hemorrhage Treatment

  • Definition and significance of intracerebral hemorrhage.
  • Details about the FASTEST trial and its objectives.
  • The role of the Mobile Stroke Unit in advancing research.

Part 2: StrokeNet and the Future of Stroke Care

Segment 4: StrokeNet’s Origin and Operations

  • The inception of StrokeNet and its operational framework.
  • Examples of clinical trials conducted through StrokeNet.
  • Enhancing patient involvement in clinical research through StrokeNet.

Segment 5: Challenges in Stroke Clinical Trials

  • Dr. Broderick’s insights on the biggest barriers in conducting clinical trials for stroke.

Segment 6: Redesigning Stroke Care

  • Dr. Broderick’s vision for redesigning the stroke care pathway if given a magic wand.

Show Credits:

Music intro credit to Jake Dansereau. Our intro welcome is the voice of Caroline Goggin, a stroke survivor and our first podcast guest! Please listen to her inspiring story on Episode 2 of the podcast.

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