Leading the Stroke Care Revolution: A Conversation with Dr. Lee H. Schwamm

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Leading the Stroke Care Revolution: A Conversation with Dr. Lee H. Schwamm

Innovations, Telehealth, and Digital Strategies Shaping the Future of Stroke Care
October 1, 2023

Leading the Stroke Care Revolution: A Conversation with Dr. Lee H. Schwamm

In Episode 61 we’re joined by Dr. Lee H. Schwamm, MD, and accomplished neurologist, and healthcare innovator.

About our guest:

  • Dr. Schwamm’s impressive career spans over three decades, with significant contributions in academia and healthcare administration.
  • He currently holds the role of Associate Dean for Digital Strategy and Transformation at Yale School of Medicine and serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Health Officer for Yale New Haven Health System.
  • Dr. Schwamm is recognized as a visionary physician leader, spearheading digital health initiatives to advance virtual care and digital enablement in healthcare.

Telestroke Program & Clinical Care:

  • Dr. Schwamm shares insights into his experience implementing telestroke programs at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and expanding their reach across the New England region.
  • The conversation delves into a recent policy change in Massachusetts, where Dr. Schwamm explains how $1 million was allocated to the state Department of Public Health to enhance the transport system for suspected stroke patients.

Get with the Guidelines:

  • Dr. Schwamm discusses his leadership role in the “Get with the Guidelines” (GWTG) program and how it has evolved to enhance patient care.

Digital strategy at Yale:

  • In Part 2, the discussion shifts to Dr. Schwamm’s role at Yale School of Medicine, where he leads digital strategy and transformation.
  • He outlines the key components of his digital strategy and discusses the challenges and opportunities in adopting digital healthcare solutions.
  • Dr. Schwamm shares his insights into the barriers to digital adoption in the healthcare industry and offers his perspective as an influential change agent.

Promising Technologies and the Magic Wand:

  • The episode concludes with a look into the most promising technologies that could revolutionize clinical care and outcomes for stroke patients.
  • Dr. Schwamm responds to the signature question, imagining a scenario where he’s handed a magic wand and asked to redesign the stroke care pathway.

Show Credits:

Music intro credit to Jake Dansereau. Our intro welcome is the voice of Caroline Goggin, a stroke survivor and our first podcast guest! Please listen to her inspiring story on Episode 2 of the podcast.

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