Interview with Henry Hoffman,MS,OTR/L Co-Inventor and Co-Founder of Saebo

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Interview with Henry Hoffman,MS,OTR/L Co-Inventor and Co-Founder of Saebo

July 8, 2022

Interview with Henry Hoffman,MS,OTR/L Co-Inventor and Co-Founder of Saebo

Know Stroke Podcast -S4E3-Henry Hoffman

On this episode we were joined by Henry Hoffman,MS,OTR/L co-inventor and co-founder of Saebo, Inc. We were introduced to Henry through Dr. Carolyn Brown, a previous guest of the podcast in season one.

Saebo, Inc. is a medical device company primarily engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of affordable and novel clinical solutions designed to improve mobility and function in individuals suffering from neurological and orthopedic conditions. With a vast network of Saebo-trained clinicians spanning six continents, Saebo has helped over 100,000 clients around the globe achieve a new level of independence.

About our Guest:

Henry graduated from D’Youville College in Buffalo, NY in 1997 with a Masters degree in occupational therapy. Since graduation, he has worked in a variety of settings including home health, acute, sub-acute, and outpatient rehab. Prior to leaving Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in New York, he worked as a clinical specialist in orthopedic medicine and manual therapy of the upper quadrant. Henry left Burke in the fall of 2002 to co-launch Saebo.

This was a great discussion and as co-hosts we share a common mission with Henry to continue to dispel the believe that stroke recovery has an end when a “plateau” is reached. Listen in to learn how Henry and his team are on a mission to offer new affordable treatment options that deliver tangible results, and offer hope and support for continued recovery and improved function.

Learn more about Saebo’s mission and connect with Henry here.

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