Interview with Dan Kendall – Founder of Mission Based Media

Know Stroke Podcast

Interview with Dan Kendall – Founder of Mission Based Media

June 21, 2022

Interview with Dan Kendall – Founder of Mission Based Media

Know Stroke Podcast S4E2 Dan Kendall

In today’s episode we are joined by Dan Kendall. Dan is the founder and Managing Director at Mission Based Media. Dan has 20+ years experience in growing profitable and sustainable businesses in health technology, mobile and cloud computing, and telecommunications in domestic and international markets. 

In a change of pace, this discussion does not focus solely on stroke. Instead we talk about the impact that podcasts can make in the transition of care for patients and caregivers of not just stroke, but all conditions. 

Highlights from the episode:

  • In the News:
  • Introduction to the OG of Healthcare Podcasting – Dan Kendall
  • What led Dan to take a mission driven pathway to healthcare podcasting
  • A lived experience of a caregiver to his daughter being diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes 
  • Why podcasts should be incorporated into a discharge 
  • Health Unmuted: A mini-series of short episodes focused on the specific conditions
  • What would a post stroke mini series look like?
  • Announcement of a partnership between Health Unmuted and Know Stroke to develop a mini-series
  • What does the evolution of podcasting look like over the next 5 years?

Dan is open to anyone who would like to connect and learn more about his mission. You can reach out to him using the links below.


Show Credits:
Music Credit and Podcast Production by Jake Dansereau, connect at JAKEEZo on Soundcloud  @user-257386777

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