#13 The Role of Directive and Shared Decision-Making in Person-Centered Care

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#13 The Role of Directive and Shared Decision-Making in Person-Centered Care

October 9, 2019
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#13 The Role of Directive and Shared Decision-Making in Person-Centered Care

“Patients are the co-pilot in the airplane called better healthcare” Ben Moulton

This is a very interesting episode because today we’re talking with Dr. Glyn Elwyn a physician/researcher and Ben Moulton a lawyer/patient advocate about the Directive and Shared Decision-Making Polarity.

This polarity can show up in different contexts, leaders and employees, parents and children, but today we are discussing this polarity within the context of decision-making between the provider and patient/family. 

At the heart of person-centered care is partnering with individuals and their families in planning, developing and monitoring care in a way that best meets their needs and is considerate of their preferences.   

To be person-centered individuals need to not only act in a person-centered manner but also think in that way.

Historically the provider was the expert and had the answers and directed the care and patients/families were followers or passive participants.

Today there is a desire to have decision-making be an experience where the expertise of the provider along with the values, beliefs and needs of the patient/family are leveraged.  

The challenge is providers and patients and families aren’t always equipped to engage in shared decision-making.

Glyn and Ben share with us what is happening nationally in support of shared decision-making and how decision aides can prepare both providers and patients/families to participate in the shared decision-making process.

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