#12 The Upside and Downside of Health Information Technology

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#12 The Upside and Downside of Health Information Technology

October 2, 2019

#12 The Upside and Downside of Health Information Technology

This polarity is a “BIGGY” listeners!

Today we are talking about the technology platform and practice platform polarity.

We have 20 years of experience with this polarity.  We’ve used health information technology at the point of care as clinicians, lead implementations of technology and practice frameworks in hospitals, developed evidence-based content to integrate into the electronic health record and participated on one of the first design teams for the electronic health record.

We recognized early on health information technology needs to be intentionally designed to support professional practice and patient-centered care.

During this episode Michelle and Tracy share lessons learned over the past 20 years and discuss today’s health information technology realities.

Healthcare needs a strong technology platform and a strong practice platform if we expect to provide safe, efficient, person-centered, quality care.

As a generation, today’s healthcare leaders were the pioneers that took the first steps to implement health information technology in healthcare.  Now when leaders step back, it gives them an opportunity to look at what’s been learned and where we are nationally in leveraging this polarity.

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