#14 Are You Sacrificing your SELF for OTHERS?

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#14 Are You Sacrificing your SELF for OTHERS?

October 16, 2019

#14 Are You Sacrificing your SELF for OTHERS?

Is there anyone who is not trying to manage the relationship between SELF and OTHERS?

In today’s podcast we discuss the SELF and OTHER Polarity.  This one show’s up in all aspects of life.  

We can feel the tension between SELF and OTHER at work as clinicians and leaders.  The SELF and OTHER tension can also be felt at home as parents or in our marriages or relationships.  

This is NOT going away!

Do you often feel like you are being forced to make a choice?  To choose between yourself and caring or focusing on others?

Maybe you feel the stress of trying to get to a 50/50 balance between both.

Good news!  It’s not an either/or choice!  You can also forget trying to find a 50/50 balance!  

This is a polarity and all it requires is awareness and vigilance to create a dynamic balance and leverage the tension.

Listen as we talk about what this SELF and OTHERS polarity looks like and how to leverage it.

Go to here to down load the SELF and OTHER Polarity Map and Reflection Worksheet.

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