#11 Why we need an I in Team

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#11 Why we need an I in Team

September 25, 2019

#11 Why we need an I in Team

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “There is no I in team”? 

Well, there is an “I in Individual”, and teams are made up of individuals. So, in reality, there is an I in Team!  

Nationally leaders are looking to team-based care as one of the solutions to poor quality care.  There is an emphasis on moving away from individual autonomous care to team-based care.  What leaders don’t realize is individual and team is a polarity that needs to be leveraged.

 “Individual and Team” represent an interdependent pair of values that are very powerful when leveraged well.  

We often don’t see individual and Team through a polarity lens, which is why it is important to shine a light on it and explore its significance during times of complex change in healthcare.

During this podcast we explore this crux polarity within the context of the clinical healthcare team.  It is a significant polarity today with the national focus on improving the quality of care and moving to value-based care.  

Value-based care calls for collaborative teamwork.  However, most of the current workforce is not prepared to practice as a team.

Tracy and Michelle share their experience as interprofessional clinicians and colleagues.  They give insight on ways to leverage and manage the Individual and Team polarity over time to achieve sustainable outcomes.  


Episode Summary Points:

·        Why we need an I in Team

·        There is a common goal when working as a team

·        Major influencing factors have shifted the focus to team-based care 

·        There is lack of progress in achieving the IOM recommendations 

·        Moving from volume to value-based care increases the tension, especially when
         using a problem-solving lens

·        Majority of current workforce is not prepared to practice as a team

·        Everyone has a preference pole

·        Leveraging Individual and Team helps to achieve the Quadruple Aim

·        Using a problem-solving lens is preventing progress and achievement of sustainable


Teaching Points:

·        Individual and Team represent two different poles, both are equally important

·        Be aware of your preference pole especially if you are a leader in a power position
          because you can heavily influence how the individual and team polarity is 

·        Listen for “from-to” statements, it may indicate a polarity exists


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