42: A Generalist Entrepreneur

Day Zero

42: A Generalist Entrepreneur

In this episode, Rick LeMoine, Chief Medical Officer, Sharp HealthCare, interviewed Gad Shaanan, President and CEO, GadLight. They spoke about finding a “hole” in the market and working toward truly…
August 30, 2022

42: A Generalist Entrepreneur

Meet Gad Shaanan:

Gad Shaanan is an entrepreneurial visionary with a thirty-five-year record of creating winning products for internationally recognized, mass-market brands. Gad’s path is rooted in his passions for product innovation and go to market strategy. From identifying a gap in the marketplace, assembling the right team of experts, inventing the solution, executing on the development and finding the right partners to launch. As a business strategist, he fully comprehends the bigger picture and the nature of successful, global business. 


Gad is a serial entrepreneur and trusted advisor to Fortune 500 companies, distinguished by his unique perspective and strategic risk-taking. Prior to moving to San Diego he founded, Gad Shaanan Design, a Montreal based consulting firm, with satellite offices in Taipei and Chicago.


Key Insights:

Gad Shaanan is a serial entrepreneur across multiple industries, spanning from design to drones.


  • Entrepreneurship Philosophy. Gad looks at the marketplace to see where there is a “hole,” potential demand but no unique product. He builds a business around creating a solution to fill that hole.v
  • Generalist. Gad personally enjoys being a generalist as it gives him flexibility; his entrepreneurial endeavors have included drones, coffee making, and blood glucose monitoring. As a generalist entrepreneur, he knows that once he dives into something specific, he needs to hire a team with experts to have a successful business. 
  • A Simple Question.What are you passionate about? Gad was fueled by his interests and so his work never felt like work. 

This episode is hosted by Rick Lemoine, M.D. He is a member of the Advisory Council for Day Zero and is Chief Medical Information Officer for Sharp HealthCare.


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