41: Delivering Healthcare to the Home

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41: Delivering Healthcare to the Home

In this episode, Lynne Chou O’Keefe, Founder and Managing Partner, Define Ventures interviews Dan Trigub, CEO and Co-founder, MedArrive, about his unique career path, and about what it takes to…
August 23, 2022

41: Delivering Healthcare to the Home

Meet Dan Trigub:

Dan Trigub is the Co-founder and CEO of MedArrive. Previously, he was GM and Head of Uber Health as well as the Regional Vice President of Healthcare Partnerships for Lyft. Dan was the Global Business Development Lead for eBay. He also co-founded OpenPlacement. Dan received a Bachelor’s in Economics from Vassar College.


Key Insights:

Billions of dollars of care services will move of hospitals into the home in the next few years. MedArrive is bringing high quality clinical care directly to patients through telehealth and home-visits. 


  • Building the Team. For Dan, ideas are a dime a dozen. He would rather have a mediocre idea and a world class team over the inverse. Additionally, MedArrive is remote. Dan points out that they can hire better talent, because they can select from a larger pool of applicants. Even though the team is remote, there is still a sense of shared mission and culture. 
  • Care at Home. MedArrive brings clinical care into the home. Specifically, their providers are emergency medical service professionals that treat high ER utilizers covered by value-based payers such as managed Medicaid plans, Medicare Advantage, or ACOs. 
  • 3 Ts and 3 Ps. TTT stands for “things take time.”Founding in healthcare takes a long time, you have to be in it for the mission. PPP stands for “people, people, people.” It’s important to have the right people on the team, and you can never over-invest in your people. 

This episode is hosted by Lynne Chou O’Keefe. She is a member of the Advisory Council for Day Zero and is the Founder and Managing Partner of Define Ventures.


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