#74, Top 10 Episodes of All Time, Part 1

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#74, Top 10 Episodes of All Time, Part 1

Discover the future of healthcare with Artera’s communication solutions, Insitro’s AI in drug discovery, Canvas Medical’s EMR technology, Forward Health’s primary care advancements, and Us2.AI’s advanced echocardiography tools in Part…
January 16, 2024

#74, Top 10 Episodes of All Time, Part 1

Happy new year everyone! 🎉 We’re kicking off the year with something special on the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, a countdown of our All-Time Top 10 Episodes. Part 1 of our countdown features episodes 10 through 6:

  • Number 10 – Artera: Artera, the game-changer in patient communication, kicks off our countdown. Host: Alex Merwin, Guest: Guillaume de Zwirek.
  • Number 9 – Insitro: Next up we have Insitro, pioneering the integration of machine learning and drug discovery. Host: Joe Shonkwiler, Guests: Dr. Mary Rozenman and Dr. Chris Probert.
  • Number 8 – Canvas Medical: Revolutionizing primary care with its integrated clinical, financial, and operational tools, we learn all about Canvas Medical. Host: Joe Shonkwiler, Guest: Andrew Hines.
  • Number 7 – Forward Health: Forward Health is innovating primary care through advanced technology and personalized patient care. Host: Alex Merwin, Guest: Adrian Aoun
  • Number 6 – Us2.AI: Rounding out Part of our countdown is Us2.AI, a leader in AI-powered echocardiography. Host: Dr. Terence Tan, Guests: Dr. Carolyn Lam and James Hare.

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