#63, World-Class Customer Service in Healthcare: Guillaume de Zwirek of Artera

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#63, World-Class Customer Service in Healthcare: Guillaume de Zwirek of Artera

Discover how Artera is making healthcare the best industry for customer service. Alex Merwin from AWS welcomes Guillaume de Zwirek, Co-Founder & CEO of Artera, to the show.
September 26, 2023

#63, World-Class Customer Service in Healthcare: Guillaume de Zwirek of Artera

In this episode, Alex Merwin, Head of Growth for Healthcare & Life Sciences Startups at AWS, speaks with Guillaume de Zwirek, Co-Founder & CEO of Artera, a unified patient communication platform delivering happier staff, healthier patients, and more profitable organizations.

We discuss how technology can make navigating the healthcare system feel less like a maze, board meetings with dolphins, and how Amazon’s peculiar ways of working can help startups scale.

  • Background [02:43]: Guillaume de Zwirek discusses his unique background as an athlete and jazz musician, and how these experiences influenced his decision to start Artera.
  • Patient Engagement Platform [07:51]: An overview of Artera’s solution, which aims to revolutionize healthcare customer experience by providing a single phone number for patient engagement.
  • Importance of Flexibility [10:51]: We explore the versatility of Artera’s platform, highlighting its adaptability for various clinical and non-clinical use cases, and its role in spreading best practices.
  • Customer-Centricity [13:54]: Guillaume shares Artera’s customer-centric culture, inspired by Amazon, and discusses strategies like spending 30% of his time with customers to keep their needs front and center.
  • Growth Strategies [21:17]: Artera’s growth strategies, including a writing-focused culture and weekly strategic reviews, partly inspired by Amazon’s peculiar ways of working.
  • Marketplace & API [24:47]: Introduction to Artera’s marketplace, which allows third-party digital health innovators to integrate seamlessly into Artera’s patient communication platform.
  • Future Ambitions [28:21]: Guillaume outlines his future ambitions for Artera, focusing on visibility and orchestration features, and cautiously explores the potential role of Generative AI in healthcare.
  • Advice for Founders [36:01]: The episode wraps up with Guillaume offering valuable advice for other startup founders, emphasizing the importance of learning from mistakes and staying close to customers.

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