#75, Top 10 Episodes of All Time, Part 2

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#75, Top 10 Episodes of All Time, Part 2

Discover the future of healthcare with DeepScribe's AI scribe, Cohere Health's pre-auth solutions, Zus Health's interoperability platform, Bayesian Health's AI clinical data platform, and Iterative Scope's AI GI tools on…
January 23, 2024

#75, Top 10 Episodes of All Time, Part 2

Happy new year everyone! Continuing our special countdown on the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, we present Part 2 of our All-Time Top 10 Episodes. This segment highlights episodes 5 through 1:

  • Number 5 – DeepScribe: DeepScribe, an AI medical scribe company, is revolutionizing medical documentation. Guest: Akilesh Bapu, Host: Alex Merwin.
  • Number 4 – Cohere Health: Cohere Health is transforming care management with its intelligent prior authorization solutions. Guest: Duncan Reece, Host: Joe Shonkwiler.
  • Number 3 – Zus Health: Zus Health is accelerating healthcare data interoperability with its shared health data platform. Guest: Jonathan Bush, Host: Joe Shonkwiler.
  • Number 2 – Bayesian Health: Bayesian Health applies AI and ML to clinical data, enhancing patient-specific decision-making. Host: Joe Shonkwiler, Guest: Dr. Suchi Saria.
  • Number 1 – Iterative Scopes: Iterative Scopes leads the way in AI-based precision medicine for gastrointestinal diseases. Host: Joe Shonkwiler, Guest: Dr. Jonathan Ng.

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