#65, Health Innovation Crossover, Tjaša Zajc of Faces of Digital Health

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#65, Health Innovation Crossover, Tjaša Zajc of Faces of Digital Health

Tjaša Zajc & Alex Merwin present the AWS Health Innovation and Faces of Digital Health podcasts, their professional journeys and the challenges health systems & entrepreneurs face as they embrace…
October 10, 2023

#65, Health Innovation Crossover, Tjaša Zajc of Faces of Digital Health

In this special crossover episode, we’re joined by Tjaša Zajc, Host of the Faces of Digital Health Podcast. Faces of Digital Health is a show that explores the diversity of healthcare systems and healthcare innovation worldwide. Together with Alex Merwin, Head of Growth, Healthcare & Life Science Startups at AWS, and executive producer of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast, we’ll speak about the mission of both podcasts, our professional journeys, and the challenges health systems and entrepreneurs face as they embrace digital transformation.

  • About the Faces of Digital Health Podcast: Tjaša Zajc shares more information about her podcast, which features a diverse range of healthcare systems worldwide. We highlight a few examples of challenges and opportunities for health systems who are embracing digital transformation.
  • About the AWS Health Innovation Podcast: Alex Merwin shares details about how AWS works with healthcare & life sciences startups, and the role the podcast has in highlighting health innovation from high-potential startups challenging the status quo worldwide.
  • Advice for Founders: Closing thoughts and advice for early-stage founders looking to make a difference in Healthcare.
  • Health Innovation Trends: Startup funding, technology and other health innovation trends, including a discussion on health innovation in Africa.
  • Host Background: Alex and Tjaša share their professional journies and what inspired them to focus on accelerating health innovation.
  • Staying in Touch: Keeping up to speed on both the shows and how to get in touch.

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