#66, Using AI to decipher the immune system, Young Kwon of Alchemab

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#66, Using AI to decipher the immune system, Young Kwon of Alchemab

Young Kwon, CEO of Alchemab Therapeutics, joins Dr. Amrita Sarkar from AWS to discuss Alchemab's innovative approach to leveraging AI and insights from the immune system to develop antibody therapeutics…
October 17, 2023

#66, Using AI to decipher the immune system, Young Kwon of Alchemab

Ever notice how some people seem to be naturally resistant to certain diseases? Today, we’re diving into the world of natural protective antibodies with Alchemab Therapeutics. Alchemab is developing a pipeline of antibody therapeutics for hard-to-treat cancers, neurodegenerative conditions, and infectious diseases. Amrita Sarkar, Principal Healthcare and Life Sciences Startups Business Development Manager at AWS, speaks with Young Kwon, the CEO of Alchemab, about his journey, the company’s unique approach to drug discovery, and how technology is accelerating their progress.

  • Therapeutic Insights from the Immune System [01:00] – Discover how Alchemab identifies resilient individuals to chronic diseases and leverages insights about their immune systems for drug development. Learn how their approach is revolutionizing how we think about treating hard-to-treat conditions like cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • From Benchside to Industry [02:53] – Learn about Young Kwon’s unique career trajectory, from academia to venture capital to TechBio CEO, and how his diverse experiences have shaped his leadership at Alchemab.
  • Placing Bets [07:39] – Why is Alchemab focusing on cancer and neurodegenerative disorders? Understand their unique approach to identifying resilient individuals and why they’ve selected their disease areas of focus.
  • Bio Tech Convergence [14:52] – Explore how advancements in cloud computing and machine learning are enabling Alchemab to accelerate drug discovery. This is particularly relevant as the biotech industry grapples with the challenges of ever growing datasets both in terms of size and complexity.
  • Pipeline & Partnerships [19:30] – A guided tour of Alchemab’s preclinical programs and why pharma partnerships are crucial for their growth.
  • Scaling Challenges [23:35] – Alchemab faces unique technical & business challenges as they scale. Learn how they navigate these hurdles in an environment where competition for compute resources is hotter than ever as the world flocks to deploy AI in every industry.
  • Advice to Founders – Culture First [25:39] – Young Kwon shares his perspective on how to be an effective steward of strong team culture and how he approaches his role as CEO.

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