#62, Healthcare’s AI Revolution, Insights from 10 Top Startups

AWS Health Innovation Podcast

#62, Healthcare’s AI Revolution, Insights from 10 Top Startups

Did you know AI can reduce echocardiography wait times from 12 months to just 6 weeks? Learn more on the latest episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast. We've compiled…
September 19, 2023

#62, Healthcare’s AI Revolution, Insights from 10 Top Startups

How is AI transforming healthcare? Learn from ten leading healthcare & life sciences startups in this compilation episode of the AWS Health Innovation Podcast.

From genomics to dentistry, and musculoskeletal to cardiology, we cover a broad spectrum of healthcare AI use cases.

  • Apixio – Sachin Patel, CEO of Apixio discusses the importance of responsible AI development in healthcare, emphasizing the high stakes involved. [01:16]
  • Insilico Medicine – Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder & CEO, provides a glimpse into the future of AI in drug development and disease hypothesis formulation. [03:41]
  • Rad AI – Doktor Gurson, Co-Founder & CEO, shares his journey in meeting his co-founder and achieving product-market fit for AI-powered radiology solutions. [10:14]
  • Us2.AI – Dr. Carolyn Lam, Co-Founder & Non-Exec Head of Medical Affairs, talks about Us2.AI’s rigorous approach to evidence generation required for deploying AI in echocardiography. [19:23]
  • Pearl – Ophir Tanz, Founder & CEO, discusses Pearl’s unique regulatory strategy for AI in dentistry, including pursuing multiple FDA clearances in a single submission. [23:56]
  • TetraScience – Mike Tarselli, Chief Scientific & Knowledge Officer, explains the importance of maintaining well-architected data environments for applying AI and machine learning in life sciences research. [29:03]
  • Ovation – Curt Medeiros (CEO) and Barry Wark (Co-Founder & CSO) discuss the importance of sourcing diverse and representative datasets to reduce health inequities in drug development. [32:43]
  • Sparta Science – Dr. Phil Wagner, Founder & CEO, emphasizes the importance of high data quality for developing performant AI models for use in the musculoskeletal and movement health space. [37:08]
  • Lifen – Dali Kilani, CTO, talks about the risk management while deploying AI in healthcare settings, advocating for a balanced approach supportive of experimentation. [40:14]
  • DeepScribe – Akilesh Bapu, Co-Founder & CEO, stresses the importance of customer experience and trust in the successful deployment of AI solutions in healthcare. [43:13]

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, clinician, investor or innovation leader, this episode offers a comprehensive view of AI’s role in transforming healthcare and life science.

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