Spontaneous Awakening Trials with Kali Dayton, DNP

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Spontaneous Awakening Trials with Kali Dayton, DNP

March 19, 2024

Spontaneous Awakening Trials with Kali Dayton, DNP

Sedation and delirium can derail even the strongest patient’s recovery in the ICU – but spontaneous awakening trials (SATs) can empower nurses to get ahead of this vicious cycle. In this candid episode, I pick the brain of Kali Dayton, an ICU nurse practitioner fervent about early mobility. Kali pulls back the curtain on SATs, a tragically misunderstood intervention that involves stopping sedatives each day to reconnect with the patient. With a mix of hard data and bedside wisdom, Kali reveals SATs as a game-changer for bettering outcomes like delirium, ventilator days, and the chance of discharge to home. You’ll hear practical tips on everything from managing agitated awakenings to recruiting family as awakening coaches. Whether you’re routinely pawing through SAT policies or clueless about this critical care practice, this lively dialogue will upend assumptions about sedation and empower you to maximize your impact.

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