Blood Pressure Management in Dialysis

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Blood Pressure Management in Dialysis

March 17, 2022

Blood Pressure Management in Dialysis

Managing blood pressure for dialysis patient can be complicated. Nephrologists Dr. Daniel Weiner and Dr. Bourne Auguste address intradialytic hypertension and hypotension while giving a huge shout out to the dark horse of nephrology: peritoneal dialysis.

This episode is a part of NephMadness: a nephrology educational initiative that is modeled after the college basketball tournament but with nephrology concepts. It is a noncommercial learning initiative that leverages the tools of social media to teach about the latest and greatest breakthroughs in the field of nephrology.

Participants in the PodCrawl:

The Curbsiders : An Internal Medicine Podcast…for the Internist. This episode will focus on the Cardiorenal Syndrome. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

The Drs. Washington: The Drs. Washington are three sister physicians  will discuss social and physical determinants of health as well as governmental and institutional initiatives that affect health inequities in nephrology. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

 The Cribsiders: On this pediatric podcast, go deep into Neonatal AKI. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

Best Science (BS) Medicine: The Best Science Medicine podcast  discusses the tricky issue of albuminuria – who to monitor, what to monitor, and who to treat. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

 Freely Filtered: On this nephrology podcast, the filtrate discuss comparative animal physiology (specifically nephrology). This time around they are discussing giraffe and whale kidneys. Listen on Apple or Spotify.

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